Thornell Bowden - Not Another Nickel Will Be Paid

When Renee gave birth to Thornell at a large metropolitan hospital, only residents, doctors in training, saw her. These very junior doctors exclusively treated her because she was a “Medicaid Patient.” These doctors in training gave her a drug to speed up her labor, but they gave her too much. Her contractions became so strong that they cut off Thornell's oxygen. The residents did not recognize the problem, and did not call a senior doctor until it was too late. Thornell was born nearly dead from the lack of oxygen.

Higher ups at the hospital read the riot act to the residents for what they had done. But did anybody tell Renee what had happened? Did anyone offer assistance or an apology? Of course not! They covered-up and they lied. They told Renee that they had "no idea" why Thornell had Cerebral Palsy. They told Renee, "It just happened."

After the Medical system had failed them, the legal system nearly also failed Renee and Thornell. As usual, the hospital hired “experts” to claim, "The residents did nothing wrong." Thornell's first lawyer worried too much about this contrived testimony and negotiated an inadequate settlement. "Trust me, they will never pay another nickel," he said. Feeling great pressure, Thornell's parents reluctantly agreed.

When they got home, they regretted their decision. That's when they contacted us. Our careful review of the medicine revealed the truth: with proper medical care Thornell would have been born normal. To get the inadequate settlement thrown out, it took us years of hard work. We had to go to the Court of Appeals and eventually all the way to the Supreme Court. Because we succeeded, getting more than twice as much money as the inadequate settlement we had gotten thrown out, Thornell can now afford the medical care and therapies he deserves.

All lawyers try to fight hard for their clients. The medicine in a malpractice case can be complicated. The lawyer who doesn't understand the medicine can be easily fooled. We have done nothing but represent victims of poor medical care for more than 23 years, and we do understand the medicine. We know “the tricks of their trade.” And we will not be fooled.