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We do not chase bad outcomes. WE DO CHASE BAD MEDICINE.

These are simple statements that perhaps need an explanation.

A bad outcome is when a patient does not get better, or perhaps even gets worse. This can and does happen despite the best efforts of doctors and other health care professionals. When health professionals do their jobs correctly, they should not have to worry about being sued.

The BAD MEDICINE that we zealously pursue is when a doctor or other health care professional does something they should not have done, or fails to do something they should have done, that causes substantial harm to the patient.

This is a relatively simple concept, the application of which requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Some say we must end frivolous lawsuits. We agree. Some also say we must all accept personal responsibility. Again we agree. But, personal responsibility is not a concept that applies only to patients. Doctors and health professionals must also take personal responsibility for what they do and fail to do.

If you or a loved one is injured or even killed while under the care of a Doctor, YOU DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Unfortunately, your health care provider far too often either refuses or otherwise fails to tell you in understandable terms what happened. Even if we don’t “take your case,” we will always take the time to explain to you what happened, and why we believe it was not the Doctor’s fault.

Integrity is of prime importance to us. The reason I started 800-TRIAL-MD is because I wanted us only to be involved in cases we believe in. When we take your case, you will know that you have a hard working, knowledgeable team on your side, and you will also know that your team is personally and professionally dedicated to seeing that you get a full measure of justice and compensation.

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