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A founding partner of 800-TRIAL- MD, Gil Spencer has been a trial attorney since 1979. For over 30 of those years, since 1986, he has exclusively represented patients injured by bad medical care.

From the very start, his success in jury trials has been astonishing. His first medical malpractice verdict in 1986 was for $1.4 million. His second, a few months later, was for $10 million. Most trial lawyers are thrilled when they finally reach the “seven figure club,” meaning they have a verdict in excess of $1 million. Mr. Spencer did that in his very first trial, and then immediately joined the “eight figure club” in his second trial. He has to his credit, three separate verdicts of $10 million or more JancovicWalsh and Bennett.

Over his career, Mr. Spencer’s verdicts and settlements total more than $120 million. For many catastrophically injured clients, it is best for them to accept their money in the form of tax free lifetime income. This means that instead of just getting one big lump sum payment that the client must then manage and pay taxes on, the client accepts a lifetime of monthly income that comes to them tax free. Mr. Spencer has won for clients a total of nearly $1 billion in such tax free Lifetime Annuity Income.

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